Reasons I’m excited it’s October.

1. Andy and I are going to see my favorite band Bayside with our best friends on the 12th. BAYSIDEEEEEEEEE. 😁😁😁

2. Shitty scary movies.
3. It’s kinda lame but Andy and I are dressing up as Doug Funnie and Patti Mayonnaise for Halloween…tbh it’s rlly not lame at all but super cool.😎

4. Popcorn balls.
5. Spooky stuff.

If we’re dating, you can have your freedom…you’re not my prisoner. Just stay loyal & be honest. That’s all I ask.
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My son Morris. He’s so majestic. 🐱❤️

When I call my parents at night I always make sure they put the phone to my cat’s ear so I can talk to him.

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